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Stick and Puck

Stick and Puck Sessions

Stick and Puck sessions are geared for the youth hockey player age 17 & under. (Sorry, no exceptions). Stick and puck gives youth players the opportunity to get extra ice time to work on skills, and have fun on their own.

Players may also hire a staff instructor to work with them on furthering their skill development during these sessions.

Players are required to wear full ice hockey equipment during these sessions. Equipment includes: Hockey skates, stick, shin pads, hockey socks, neck guard, mouth guard, hockey pants, athletic cup with a supporter, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey gloves, HECC certified helmet ( this sticker can be found on back of helmet when you purchase one )


Please check the hockey calendar or call the KIA Hockey Department at 305-386-8288 for session times.


Stick and Puck Times

Held on multiple days (Monday-Friday) please call for exact times

Prices are $15

Always double-check the times with the office in case there is an event going on.

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