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Private Hockey Lessons

Private instruction can be arranged through our Skating Academy Office. All of our instructors are independent contractors and professionals. Coach’s fees may vary with levels of expertise. Lessons can be secured as a one on one or mini group. Lessons are typically given during Stick and Puck sessions. Private ice rental can also be arranged for private instruction and should be booked through the Skating Academy Office.


All Lessons are booked on a first come, first serve basis and all fees are to be paid through the Skating Academy Office. Please note that the fees paid for instruction do not include arena admission/ice time! Please be advised that you must cancel a booked lesson at least 24 hours in advance or you will be billed for the lesson. All areas of skill instruction are offered. This includes passing, stickhandling, shooting, powerskating, positional play and conditioning.


Some of the methods utilized include:

• Natural weight resistance training
• Overspeed drills
• Visualization
• Scoring concepts

These are just a few of the training methods our coaches use. With all instruction, full ice hockey equipment is necessary.


To book a lesson, please contact the KIA Hockey Office
through email:

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