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Freestyle Sessions

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About Freestyle Sessions: Freestyle sessions are designed for the serious competitor who skates multiple freestyle sessions each day. Freestyle is for advanced figure skating practice.  Beginners are welcome when under the supervision of a coach. The schedule excludes holidays and special events and is subject to change without notice.


RinkMusic Keytag System
KIA is the first rink on the East Coast to utilize this new technology. The RinkMusic system uploads the skaters' programs and stores them digitally on our computer system. Skaters use a key tag to access their programs from a rinkside monitor. Swiping their personal key tag card allows the skater to select the desired program from a menu. The system then puts the skater in a cue and announces the skater before they take their start position. The queuing system lines up the skaters fairly and also allows for skaters "in a lesson", etc.

Please go to to register for an annual membership. Then, upload your music in mp3, or wav. format.
Music Keytags are on sale now in the KIA Skating Academy Office!

Freestyle Rules and Prices
In order for us to develop a good training atmosphere, we would like
to remind you of the following simple rules of Freestyle Figure Skating
1. Everyone MUST Pay for the session before taking the ice. This includes
any additional time you use after the 1 hour of skating

2. * KIA Program Members pay a minimum of $15.00 per hour. MUST be purchased each day unless you are attending the last 1/2 hour of the session. See prices and detailed information below for skaters who are not enrolled in KIA programs.


 3. Skaters with Punch cards will be logged in on the first session
that follows the time the card is punched.

4. Skaters that do not pay for the ice time used will be charged for 2
hours of skating for that day.

5. Beginners (Snowplow Sam to Basic 6 levels and Adults) may purchase 1/2 hour Freestyle when taking a lesson with a coach and may NOT stay after the lesson. Beginner skaters may not warm up before the lesson or stay on after the lesson. Skaters will be escorted off the ice at the conclusion of the lesson.

 6. Freestyle on Public Session is NOT allowed when Freestyle sessions are offered. 


7. Freestyle Sessions on the Blue Rink are primarily designated for high-level skaters from 10 am to 4 pm during weekdays. When both arenas are open for freestyle training lower level skaters should choose the Red Rink whenever possible.


8. Please see the additional safety and etiquette rules posted in both arenas.


* Figure Skaters who are not currently enrolled in the KIA Monthly

Discount Program, KIA Stars, any KIA On-Ice Group Classes (including

Summer Camp) and do not have a Primary Figure Skating Coach on

staff at KIA will be charged $20.00 per hour for Freestyle. In addition,

these skaters are not eligible for the KIA Freestyle Discount Card.



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