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Introducing the New Motorized Vestibular Rotation Training System!

Balance is so important to figure skating! The vestibular system is one aspect of your sensorimotor system that contributes to balance. It’s defined as, “the sensory system that provides the leading contribution to the sense of balance and spatial orientation for the purpose of coordinating movement with balance.” The vestibular sensory system plays a significant role in sports like figure skating, gymnastics, and Karate due to the large proportion of rotational movements and changes of direction and speed. These types of athletes are not ordinary people and need to develop their vestibular sense to much higher levels.

“On-ice” training is limited and coaches constantly look to find new solutions that produce quicker results! The motorized rotation trainer adds a high-tech tool to our “Off-Ice” program and provides a focused opportunity to develop the vestibular sense in a sports-specific way. Consistently using this training will improve the quality of the jumps and enable the body to adjust faster to double and triple jumps!

The Motorized Rotation Trainer is an innovative state-of-the-art training system that will give the skater an opportunity to improve their rotational skills for jumping and spinning. Skaters with natural strength and balance will do well in the lower levels of figure skating with traditional training. Reaching elite levels requires achieving superior athletic skills. The Rotation Trainer helps improve the skater’s vestibular sense, timing, core, and plyometric strength!

Consistent training with the equipment will help the skater achieve faster spin rotations and complex variations of spin positions. The jump harness will enable the skater to jump higher and focus on the air position technique. Sustained rotation in the jump harness strengthens the skater for double and triple jumps. Combining this new technology with traditional “off-ice” programs gives the skater a significant advantage and saves valuable ice time.

The Rotation Trainer is now available in the upstairs studio at Kendall Ice Arena! Sign up in the Skating Academy office to reserve your training time. Private and Semi-Private Lessons (two skaters) are available for 30 min. intervals. Skaters of all ages and levels may benefit. We recommend that younger skaters be cleared by their coach before participating. Appropriate skating/workout clothes and training shoes are required at all times.

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