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Advertising & Film Venue Possibilities

Looking to connect with thousands of families in South Florida? Kendall Ice Arena offers unique opportunities through a variety of Arena Marketing Possibilities. 


Kendall Ice Arena is the only stadium sized ice arena in Miami/Dade County attracting many thousands of visitors each year! Two NHL sized ice surfaces have made us known as South Florida's training center for ice hockey and figure skating, children's ice skating birthday parties and so much more!


From local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Kendall Ice Arena features the ideal environment to promote your business.


We invite you to learn a bit about us, familiarize yourself with the various programs at Kendall Ice Arena, and explore our unique partnership benefits and opportunities.


For more information on our Marketing Package Information please contact or call 305-386-8288 

get your message out! 


  • Captive Audience - Our customers can become your customers!

  • Maximum Exposure - Most visitors are with us for several hours per visit.

  • Cost Effective - Our advertising programs are very affordable and effective with getting your message out!

  • Repeat Exposure - The majority of our customers visit the arena more than once per week, your ads will be seen multiple times each week!

  • Build Quality Relationships - Most our guests will likely be customers for life.

  • Super Visibility - We host a large variety of sports events and thousands of guests experience public skating sessions and children's birthday parties! 

  • Most visitors to the facility live within 60 minutes of the arena - local client base

  • Two NHL sized ice arenas. Choose from the "Red" or "Blue" rinks. Snack Bar, Game Arcade, Birthday Party Rooms and complete training Gym/Dance Studio. In addition The "Bamboo" Restaurant and Bar overlook the Blue Rink.



  • Ice Resurfacer- Everyone is fascinated as the big ice resurfacing machine cleans the ice! Your company logo can be a focal part of this intriguing experience when it's placed on the side and front of the resurfacer.

  • Dasher Boards - These are the signs that run alongside the playing/skating surface. They are the most visible signage at the arena and available on both sheets of ice. Dasher board ads are carried into the homes of our guests by way of photos and social media.

  • Ice Surface Logos - These ads are very effective.  They are a focal point in the rink and are easily visible from many vantage points..

  • Stalls - Locker room and or bathroom stall ads are highly effective.

Children's Sking Center Logo.webp
BH_Corp_Brand_Kendall Ice_Digital Banner_2023.jpg
Dairy Queen Logo.jpeg

need a filming location?

Filming and Movie Location, Ice Arena
Untitled design (98).jpg

Lights, Camera, Ice! Looking for the coolest filming location around? Look no further! Our huge NHL-sized ice arena is ready to be the star of your next production. Unforgettable scenes and unusual shots on our frozen ice. Whether it's a music video, commercial, or movie, our ice rink offers endless possibilities for your creative vision.

Our expert management team is here to ensure a seamless experience for your crew. From ample space to flexible scheduling, we've got you covered.


Give us a call today to inquire about our competitive rates and secure your booking. "Lights, action, camera", on ice!

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