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Lisa Gold

Ms. Gold represented Great Britain at the 1989 World Professional Figure Skating Championships in Jaca, Spain, where she obtained 5th place. She was also a former British Senior Ice Dance Competitor in 1987 and Bronze Medallist at the British Intermediate Championships in 1986.

Originally from London, England, she trained under World and Olympic Coach, Jimmy Young and four-time World and European Champion, Diane Towler. Lisa studied 10 years of classical ballet to compliment her skating, and trained at the Royal Academy of Ballet in London.

In 1991 Lisa went on tour with Disney On Ice and then Ice Follies, Holiday On Ice respectively. Her experience with Professional Ice Shows has played a significant role in her artistic and choreographic side of ice skating.

Lisa has over 35 years of skating experience and holds a level III Ranking and has two Senior PSA Ratings in Moves in the Field and Group Instruction. She has coached many competitive skaters and believes in positive reinforcement and good fundamentals, while still focusing on keeping it fun and sharing her love of the sport with her students   

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