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Kendall Ice Arena is a member of the PSA "Excellence On Ice" Program. The Coaches and Instructors at Kendall Ice Arena are all members of PSA (Professional Skaters Association), Registered Coaching members of U.S. Figure Skating (includes submitting background screening ) and are current on CER (Continuing Education Requirements)! Our coaching staff includes exceptional coaches who are PSA Rated and Ranked.

 Our coaches have specialized knowledge in all areas of figure skating! They have years of coaching experience ranging from recreational to ISU World Championship levels! This experience covers Beginners (Tots to Adults), Moves In The Field, Freeskating, Ice Dancing, Synchro and Pair Skating! Whether you are a recreational or advanced competitive skater, we have a coach suited for your needs!

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Kent JohnsonKent Johnson
PSA Double Master Rated Coach
Skating Program Director

International Coach (Europeans & Worlds), Jr. Nationals, Sectionals, Jr. Grand Prix, Jr. Worlds
Ranking Level V

Teaching: Beginners to Senior Levels, Jumps, MIF, Pairs and Choreography
 Dartfish, Pole and track harness specialist

Mr. Johnson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where he had the great privilege to train under several coaching legends including Olympic Pairs Champion Robert Paul and Frank Caroll.

 He competed at USFS Nationals many times in Junior and Senior Pairs with his sister and is a former Sectional Champion.

He has over 30 years of coaching experience in Europe and the U.S. and he traveled the globe with several  Ice shows in Europe and the Far East including Holiday on Ice. 

Mr. Johnson enjoys working with all levels of skaters from grass roots to senior levels.  He has been Director of the KIA Figure skating program since 2000 and is commited to the development of skaters of all levels and abilities. He particularly enjoys training jump technique and introduced Dartfish Motion Ayalysis training to KIA. His many students on both continents include four of the coaches currently teaching on the KIA staff.

Mr. Johnson and his wife Jane created the USFS Basic Skills Series concept over 10 years ago which has been a huge success for promoting grass roots skating and rink cooperation.
Adrian SchultheissAdrian Schultheiss
PSA Member

Teaching: Beginners to Senior Levels, Jumps, MIF, Choreography, Pole and Track Harness Specialist

Mr. Schultheiss was born in Kungsbacka, Sweden and is a new additon to the KIA Coaching Staff. Mr. Schultheiss is a former Swedish Champion and top international competitor. He has competed many times at Europeans, World Championships and also the Olympic Games.Highlights of his career include being the first Swedish skater to land a quad in international competition.

After a back injury sidelined his career he began coaching in Rome, Italy during the season of 2012-13. We invited him this year as a special guest coach for the 2013 Summer Training Camp.

 Mr. Schultheiss  has now made the big move "across the pond" and decided to make Miami his home. He enjoys teaching all levels of skaters and he is a welcome addition to the KIA staff.

Lisa GoldLisa Gold
PSA Rated SG, CFS, CM. Ranking Level III

Teaching: Beginners to advanced levels. Freestyle, Ice Dance, MIF, Choreography

Ms. Gold represented Great Britain at the 1989 World Professional Figure Skating Championships in Jaca, Spain, where she obtained 5th place. She was also a former British Senior Ice Dance Competitor in 1987 and Bronze Medallist at the British Intermediate Championships in 1986.

Originally from London, England, she trained under World and Olympic Coach, Jimmy Young and four-time World and European Champion, Diane Towler. Lisa studied 10 years of classical ballet to compliment her skating, and trained at the Royal Academy of Ballet in London.

In 1991 Lisa went on tour with Disney On Ice and then Ice Follies, Holiday On Ice respectively. Her experience with Professional Ice Shows has played a significant role in her artistic and choreographic side of ice skating.

Lisa has over 35 years of skating experience and holds a level III Ranking and a Senior Rating with PSA. She has coached many competitive skaters and believes in positive reinforcement and good fundamentals, while still focusing on keeping it fun and sharing her love of the sport with her students
Jeff LaBrakeJeff LaBrake

PSA Rated Basic Accreditation

Teaching: Beginners to advanced levels, Freestyle, MIF, Pairs, Adagio, Dance, Choreography

Mr. LaBrake is someting of an ice show legend with his incredible experience as a pair/adagio skater. His show career, with multiple partners, spans over 30 years with nearly every major ice show in the world.

His competitive career was extensive as well in both single and pairs skating. He competed at the National Championships many times in Jr. and Senior pairs with his sister.

Mr. LaBrake has been with the KIA Coaching staff since 2011 and he enjoys teaching all levels of skating. His vast professional experience with ice shows and choreography has been a huge asset to KIA.

Janet JohnsonJanet Johnson
Ranking Level II

Teaching: Beginners to advanced levels, Freestyle, MIF, Choreography

Ms. Johnson grew up in Los Angeles and trained  under skating legends, Frank Carol, Betty Berens and Ronny Robertson. She competed at the highest level of USFS Competion as a Senior Lady and  passed the Senior or "Gold" Figure and Freeskating tests.

Ms. Johnson performed for many years in numerous  ice shows in the U.S., South America and the Far East. Highlights were the "Peggy Fleming, An Evening On Ice", Knotts Berry Farm, Las Vegas on Ice in Atami Japan, and Holiday On Ice.

After her show business career her brother Kent enticed her to try a job as head coach at an Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has coached in Dallas, Texas and has been with the KIA coaching staff since 2004.

Virgilie Virgilie Aliu-Otokiti
PSA, Rated RFS
 Ranking Level III

Teaching: Beginners to advanced levels, Freestyle, MIF, Choreography

Ms. Aliu-Otokiti Started skating at an early age in Dallas, Texas, and competed at the USFS  Open Juvenile Freeskating level. She moved to Miami while at college and during that time passed the USFS Senior Moves in the Field Test while training at KIA.

She has been following her love and passion for figure skating on the coaching staff of KIA since 2001. She has had very good success in recent years with skaters at the Juvenile and Intermediate level at the Regional Championships. 
Margarita Tyler

Margarita Tyler
PSA Rated Basic Accreditation, RG
Pedagogica University in Bogota, Columbian - Sport Education 1978-1980

Ms. Tyler is originally from Bogota and has been a member of the Miami FSC and guest coach at KIA since 2010. Her competitive roller skating background prepared her well for the transition to ice and she travelled professionally with Holiday On Ice.

She has now joined our staff on a full time basis and is a welcome addition to the KIA coaching family. She loves to teach all levels of skaters.
Cissy Penno

Christine “Cissy” Penno
PSA Triple Master Rated Coach
Ranking Level 3

Christine "Cissy" Penno is the newest addition to our KIA Coaching Team. She hails originally from Wisconsin and is a recent transplant from the Louisville, Kentucky area.

 She has coached skaters at Junior Nationals, Regionals, Sectionals and National Showcase Competitions. She teaches freestyle, dance, moves in the field and beginner pairs.
Karina Johnson

Karina Johnson
PSA Member

Teaching: Beginners to advanced levels, Freestyle, MIF, Choreography
Seasonal by appointment

Ms. Johnson is a four time Danish Champion and has placed in the top ten twice at the  ISU Jr. Grand Prix. In addition she has competed at Jr. Worlds, European Championships and the World Chamlpionships.

She is a product of the KIA Skating Academy (coached by father, Kent Johnson) and has passed the USFS Senior Freeskate and Moves in the Field Tests as well as the Danish Senior Tests.

She is currently performing professionally with the Royal Caribbean International Ice Casts. She is available for lessons when she is on hiatus from her ice show performances.
Sameena SheikhSameena Sheikh
PSA Member

Sameena is our newest addition to the KIA Staff and hails from Michagan. She was a Regional, Jr. National, Sectional, National and International cometitor and has her Senior tests in Freeskating and Moves. She loves to teach beginners through advanced levels and Her specialties include Singles, Dance and Synchronized Skating, Sameena is currently finishing her education at UM.


Basic Skills Instructors

Cynthia PintadoCynthia Pintado
PSA Rated Basic Accreditation

Basic Skills Instructor

Ms. Pintado is a product of the KIA Skating Academy. She competed at the Intermediate Level in USFS Non Qual Competition and has passed her Jr. Moves in the field test. Besides coaching she is also studying at Miami Dade College.

Teaching Basic Skills, Freestyle, MIF, Choreography
Sheila RomanusSheila Romanus
PSA Rated Basic Accreditation

Basic Skills Instructor

Ms. Romanus has been involved both as a student and as a coach at  KIA Skating Academy since 2001. She has a strong background in Dance and has passed the PSA BA examination. She is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and has a BA in Liberal Arts with a minor in Biology in 2012 from FIU.

Teaching Basic Skills, Freestyle, MIF, Off-Ice Conditioning and Choreography
  Choreography Specialists (Seasonal)  
Judy BlumbergJudy Blumberg
Choreographer, ISU Dance Technical Specialist. Former US Dance Champion, World Bronze Medalist and Olympian.
Judy is a long time member of the KIA support team and has worked with many of our skaters.

Seasonal by appointment
Paula Wagener Paula Wagener
PSA Master Rated Choreography & Style Coach. Paula wrote the Artistry In Motion program adopted by US Figure Skating. She is also a national and international conference presenter.

Seasonal by appointment